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receive_line hack

I remember seeing some mention of someone wanting some way to pretend
the server had received something (and therefore invoke the built in parser
on it).  I have a hack that adds a builtin called receive_line that 
looks like this:

receive_line(OBJ connection, STR line)

Pretend the server just received LINE from CONNECTION.  Connection must
be is_player() and have an actual network connection to the MOO.  It doesn't
matter which networking protocol you're using.

I hacked it mostly because I wanted to make an entirely different hack but
got stuck, so I hacked this because it was easy.  Or something.

If there is any interest, I could polish the hack up and release the patch
to server.c.

otoh, it's a pretty trivial hack, so you could do it yourself
if you really wanted to.


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