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Re: PROG: invalid objects

On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, ThwartedEfforts wrote:

> >Since 
> >you're trying to use create(), I also assume you're using recycle()...  
> >that leaves holes in your database...  which isn't a problem, but just a 
> >pain for programmers who write grepping things...
> We recently got into a discussion on invalid object numbers and holes in the
>  database on RiverMOO... I'm interested in knowing what grepping utilities
>  have problems with invalid objects and why.

Nay, I'm just talking about those proggers that assume there's no holes 
to optimize their code if they're looking for something particular:

for x in [0..tonum(max_object())]
    player:tell("Found on ",o);

...No valid checks, but it saves 2 or 3 ticks each time around...  
unnessary, in my opinion, but it saves time to not have to write out the 
checks when you're in a rush...

- Kipp


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