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Re: Japanese EUC encoding for text?


 |	I'm building a virtual Japan of sorts and was wondering if it is 
 |possible to embed Japanese EUC coding in places like descriptions, etc.

You can get the LambdaMOO Japanese patch:
It makes the server pass Japanese characters.

AndroMOO has Japanese descriptions and the language selectable
function by which each user can select the desctiption language,
Japanase or English. AndroMOO information is available at:
(And you can access AndroMOO from the page. :-))

We wrote the paper about the patch and language selectable
function, but it is written in Japanese. If you want to read it,
please send E.mail to me.

When your virtual Japan is opened, please send e.mail to me! :-)

Tokiharu Noto
AndroMOO Wizard
Department of Environmental Information, Keio University, Japan.

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