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Re: Japanese EUC encoding for text?


On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, Tokiharu Noto wrote:

> Hello.
>  |Hi
>  |	I'm building a virtual Japan of sorts and was wondering if it is 
>  |possible to embed Japanese EUC coding in places like descriptions, etc.
>  |
> You can get the LambdaMOO Japanese patch:
> It makes the server pass Japanese characters.

I have obtained this:  many thanks!

> AndroMOO has Japanese descriptions and the language selectable
> function by which each user can select the desctiption language,
> Japanase or English. AndroMOO information is available at:
> (And you can access AndroMOO from the page. :-))

Cool!  Ugh!  I wish I hadn't upgraded to ELF on linux yet - my mosaicl10 
broke :(

> We wrote the paper about the patch and language selectable
> function, but it is written in Japanese. If you want to read it,
> please send E.mail to me.

I would be very interested at looking at this.  I am logged in right now 
(12:45 my time, Wednesday)  and having a look around.

> When your virtual Japan is opened, please send e.mail to me! :-)

Actually, as this gaijin has never been to Japan and I wish to learn 
about it and your people, I welcome any comments and criticisms.  If you 
like, I can provide you with an account and you can explore.  
Descriptions are really lacking, but at least you can navigate through 
more or less least,  hope you can! ^_^

William F. Maton

> --
> Tokiharu Noto
> AndroMOO Wizard
> Department of Environmental Information, Keio University, Japan.

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