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Re: Compact Database

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Dean Moore wrote:

> I have a question about compacting the database, and was wondering if 
> someone could help.  Is there a way to remove recycled objects?  For 
> example, I have objects #700-#710 that are recycled.  Object #710 is the 
> last object in the database.  Is there a way to remove objects #700-#710, so 
> that when I create a new object it will be given #700?

If you've managed to do that, you must know about renumber(), correct?
Because your object number is so high, I'd also assume you're using a 
lambda core, no?  Lambdacore has it's own way of automatically taking 
care of recycled objects and avoiding getting into the problem you've got 
now.  Remind your wizards to use $recycler:_recycle() instead of 
recycle(), and $recycler:_create() instead of create().  To fix your 
problem at this moment, type ;reset_max_object()

Noe about renumber() ... Say you @create $thing called test.  And it is 
assinged #200.  But you have a #199 that isn't in use and you want to 
renumber #200, so you do, ;renumber(#200).  When you @audit yourself, 
#200 will still be in your @audit list, not #199!  Why?  Because the MOO 
didn't go through your .owned_objects prop and set it back to #199... You 
must do this manually...  You should check this for all objects you renumber.

- Kipp


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