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Re: Ticks/seconds

At 4:36 AM 10/28/95, Adrian Irving-Beer wrote:
>On MOOnShine, we've been getting an unusual amount of "out of ticks/seconds"
>errors.  I've been attempting to fix them all, but I was wondering if
>there was some way to set the value higher in certain verbs, or to even set it
>higher for everything possibly.

You should almost never get a task out of ticks error - 30,000 ticks is a
*lot*.  It's more likely that the verb running out of ticks is written
incorrectly - i.e. it's getting into an infinite loop.  I'd check those
verbs before I change some server options.
If a verb isn't in an endless loop, but is still running out of ticks, add
a $command_utils:suspend_if_needed(0); to the loop (Presumably any verb
that could run out of ticks has a loop).  That will suspend it for 0
seconds (Well, theoretically - Realistically a little more) and reset the
tick count.

Matt Pauker

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