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LambdaMOO server release 1.7.9p2

Well, I think I've now got a much more robust and reliable implementation of
match() and rmatch(), so I'm releasing version 1.7.9p2 of the LambdaMOO server
to the usual place:

Here's the entry from ChangeLog.txt:
Version 1.7.9p2, 28 October 1995
-- Fixed a bug that could crash the server if #0:do_command suspended or
-- Fixed a minor storage leak in the emergency wizard mode.
-- Switched over to yet another implementation of regular expressions, this one
   extracted from the Python-1.3 release.  It's much simpler than RX, and has
   seen a lot more use, so it's much more likely to be stable.  It does share
   some of the same inherent limitations as the old regex package used in the
   1.7.8p4 release of the server (which it resembles pretty closely in many
   ways), but I think I've tweaked the parameters in such a way as to render
   those limitations invisible for the vast majority of MOO uses.  This matcher
   also doesn't have the exponential performance bug that existed in the one
   used in 1.7.9p1.
-- The match() and rmatch() functions now raise E_QUOTA if they run out of
   memory during matching.  Previously, they simply returned {}, just as if the
   pattern had not matched.



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