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lambdacore responses for @list and @display

I'm working with's most excellent MacMoose client and trying to
get a fully compliant database together (started from Minimal.db) but I
have run into one problem with the expect outputs from @list and @display,
I have hacked versions that respond exactly as LambdaCore1Oct94 does, but
this is not the correct one as MacMoose grables, strips, leaks or otherwise
causes certain problems when using the edit verb function (everything else

Specifically - it seems to be imporperly taking the verb arguments (it
properly parses the permissions string) so can somone strip  out the output
of a session on the current LambdaCore database that shows the way @list
and @display respond on verbs that have been programmed and have various
bits/args... thanx much

Incedentally - does anyone want a copy of this database when I'm done - it
should be about 65k with no additions beyond the MacMoose compliant stuff
(create verbs, properties, program verbs, chmod, args, kids, parents) no vr
things like movement has been implemened - its a far sight a better start
than Minimal for anyone who wants to hack like me

Pavel - would you be willing to archive a current copy for other
impovereished mac users like myself - I can run the MacMoo server but
Lambda core causes me to crap out on memory and time - I can just pare it
enough to run in my memory space but the full version wont login -
do_login_command runs out of ticks on my '040LC (PowerbookDuo280) - darned
if you do/dont kind of thing

anyway - thanx much all

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"Trust noone and be honest with all" - Claudious the God
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        Electrical Engineering student at Lehigh University...

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