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byte based quota

In theory, the switchover to byte based quota is simple.

;$quota_utils = $byte_quota_utils

To switch back, 

;$quota_utils = $object_quota_utils

All the relevant verbs are implemented in the manner appropriate to
the quota system, and the internal systems all use $quota_utils.

Set up the measurement task


And everything should be swimming.  You'll have to adjust some
parameters, specifically $quota_utils.task_time_limit, probably
downward.  You want to adjust it so that it tells you it made progress
"one times" through each night.

Kent suggests that LambdaCore should go out with byte quota enabled.
Should we do this in the next core (assuming we ever get around to
actually making one?  Sorry, I've been busy and there are a bunch of
cleanups to do to eliminate various lambdamoo-specific warts from the

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