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Re: Bug in 1.7.9p1?

Kipp the Kidd writes:
> Erm, I was working on the parser, and forgot to put the property #0.parser...
> #0:do_command() reads:  return $parser:do_command(@args);
> As soon as I was done programming the verb, and I typed something like 
> '@who', I got this:
> #0:do_command, line 1:  Property not found
> (End of traceback)
> *** Shutting down: server panic ***

Yup, that's certainly a bug, now found and fixed.  It'll be in 1.7.9p2, to be
released as soon as I can work out a solution to the match() panic.

> PS .. pavel- must compliment you on the emergency mode!!!

I thought that might come in handy sometime... :-)



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