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Re: Web for MOO?

Chaco has developed a multimedia MOO/MUD client based on HTML (hypertext),
VRML (3D graphics), MIDI (music), WAV (sound), and the usual 2D suspects:
GIF, JPEG, BMP.  Available free for non-commercial use and evaluation.  Runs
on Windows95 and NT currently.  Windows 3.1 RSN.

Check it out at

There is a published HTML interface as well.

Have fun.

Dan Greening

At 04:27 PM 10/30/95 PST, Chris Jones wrote:
>	Ok.... Does anyone either a: know of a "generic" web to MOO 
>interface (ie... allowing the viewing of objects from WWW, possibly 
>interaction from WWW) or b: be willing to send me a web/MOO interface?

Dan Greening, Ph.D.  Chaco Communications, Inc.  10164 Parkwood Dr. Suite 8   408-865-0657 fax 865-0571   Cupertino, CA 95014
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