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Re: Web for MOO?

< Chaco has developed a multimedia MOO/MUD client based on HTML (hypertext),
< VRML (3D graphics), MIDI (music), WAV (sound), and the usual 2D suspects:
< GIF, JPEG, BMP.  Available free for non-commercial use and evaluation.  Runs
< on Windows95 and NT currently.  Windows 3.1 RSN.
< Check it out at
< There is a published HTML interface as well.

However, it implements its own hack of a protocol for using html and other
items, rather than using any number of pleothora of protocols available
(such as MCP).

Frankly, I think chaco/pueblo would get further if they would not require
you to do netscap-isms like 'Enhanced for Pueblo/1.3' in the motd.


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