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Re: byte based quota

Don't you also have to set $player.size_quota equal to {init-quota, 0,0,0}
Seems like we forgot to do that on Aussie and it goofed some things up...

At 09:48 AM 10/30/95 PST, Judy Anderson wrote:
>In theory, the switchover to byte based quota is simple.
>;$quota_utils = $byte_quota_utils
>To switch back, 
>;$quota_utils = $object_quota_utils
>All the relevant verbs are implemented in the manner appropriate to
>the quota system, and the internal systems all use $quota_utils.
>Set up the measurement task
>And everything should be swimming.  You'll have to adjust some
>parameters, specifically $quota_utils.task_time_limit, probably
>downward.  You want to adjust it so that it tells you it made progress
>"one times" through each night.
>Kent suggests that LambdaCore should go out with byte quota enabled.
>Should we do this in the next core (assuming we ever get around to
>actually making one?  Sorry, I've been busy and there are a bunch of
>cleanups to do to eliminate various lambdamoo-specific warts from the
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