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Re: [SERVER] [WOOM] Slight problems Making 1.7.9p1

Mark R. Bowyer writes:
> When I configured and compiled this just now I had to add the -d flag to the
> env. variable YACC in the Makefile for bison to fill the file up.
> Otherwise the cc of keywords.c barfed heavily that none of the tokens
> existed.
> This is hardly a big-time problem, but was a confusing issue for a while.
> Why wasn't this set to start with?

The server's Makefile does set `YFLAGS = -d', which is enough on all of the
systems I test on to make it pass that flag in all $(YACC) invocations.
Perhaps your `make' is non-standard in this way.  I can't think of any other
reason this would fail.



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