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Re: Editors & Robots

At 10:34 PM 14/10/95 PDT, David HM Spector wrote:

>1) Does anyone know of any graphical (or otherwise) MOO editors being
>worked on?  I am thinking of writing an X11 tool to allow one to
>create/edit databases (esp. rooms but other like objects, characters,

I've (barely) started on a Web-based MOO editor.  As the plans stand
it will consist of a very small amount of MOO code which communicates
with a more interesting Unix daemon which will provide a HTTP interface
and build web pages on the fly to allow browsing and editing of the
MOO db.  My primary motivation is decreasing the difficulty of editing
room descriptions and verbs.  A lot of our MOO users are students K-12,
and @edit is beyond them.

If anyone is interested, as a warm-up excercise I've been building a
MOO->Web projector.  We are using the MOO to teach HTML.  In our MOO classroom
we have a projector on which you can put URL's.  The appropriate Web
page is then pushed (using Netscape's server-push) to all of the browsers
pointed at the appropriate projector URL.

We will use it like this: the class will all point their browsers at
the projector, the teacher can present various pages to
illustrate the subject at hand.  Students will be asked to put
their homework on the projector and discuss it with the class.

Of course like everything in the MOO it seems to have other social uses which
I didn't anticipate!


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