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FreeBSD (crypt problems solved)

Here's what I did to get LambdaMOO1-7.9 to compile w/a crypt that works.
First get a copy of "glibc-1.09-crypt".  Edit the Makefile to use gcc, 
then make.  Put the resulting file "libufc.a" into the /usr/lib 
directory.  Untar the server code then do a "sh configure" in the 
untarred directory.  Change the line "LIBRARIES =  -lm" to read 
"LIBRARIES =  -lm -lufc".  Delete the tab at line 237 (it makes make crap 
out).  Do a make, wait till finished.

If you're using an older version of the server, you'll need to do this 
too (via a message from Pavel).
In the file `my-sys-time.h', find the line

        #  include <sys/select.h>

and add this line above it:

        #  include "my-types.h"

Alternatively, try using the alpha release.



Thanks for all the help.

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