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Generic DataBase Update?

Hello, I am a newbie ArchWiz, on a private MOO. As the only current person
with access to my MOO, I have noticed a distinct lack of sophistication with
the basic Database. I am using Oct 94.

What I would like to do, since I am working with a non-shared site at the
moment, is create, a more useful Database, with slightly more sophisticated
objects, like the more sophisticated room styles I have seen on EnigMOO
(Which I only signed onto last week). These Room Styles and the FO's
that go with them, represent a significant part of the MOO flexibility,
but I understand that they are really privately programmed objects ported
from other MOO's. Since my ISP limits my access to FTP, I haven't raided
the patches/archives sites for these new objects.

What I would like to suggest, is that, if it has not already been done,
I would like to gather such objects, into a relatively pristine MOO DB,
so that they can be integrated earlier in the Object Heirarchy and so
that the Base Environment can incorporate more sophisticated structures.
If this is agreeable, then I would dump the more sophisticated DB, and
upload it to a receptive site for others to FTP.

I can see where discussion of which objects should be included and which
are mere fluff, might be spammy, but I think the result would be that
upgrading the database between versions might be somewhat easier, and
the basic power of the DataBase might be increased if the Core included
more sophisticated objects.

Please respond via Email to express your support/derision/interest
as I do not wish to spam this MailServer at least until the support
indicates a general interest.


GRAEME SMITH                         email:
2536 138A ave Edmonton             

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