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Re: Inputting a text file for use as a program in a MOO

> > 	Thank you very much, every one who replied to my post yesterday 
> > (re: byte quota as opposed to object quota).  Now, the thing I need to 
> > know is:  Is there any way to input a text file (containing MOO code) 
> > into the MOO, without having to connect from a different site?

I'm not sure quite what form of this question you're asking, but if you just 
want to do somehting by hand, the easiest way is just to get a copy of 
TinyFugue, set it up on your local system, and use its /quote command (gives a
much nicer interface to the MOO also).  TF can be obtained from in the pub/mud/clients directory..

> I believe that FUP has just what you want... just toss the file into your 
> files/ directory, and fileread() it into memory.  Then eval it or 
> use it in set_verb_code or something along those lines.  (Sorry, I forget 
> the address from where to get FUP.. check the MOO-cows archives for that, 
> it's mentioned all over the place)

FUP takes a significant bit more hackery to set up, but of course is much more
flexible if you're doing a lot of file IO or want to have the MOO able to do 
everything itself (FUP is a patch to the MOO server which adds builtins for 
reading/writing to the filesystem). You can obtain FUP from in the /pub/software/MOOsupport/FUP directory, if I
remember correctly.

     Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."


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