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An Invition to a Graphical Moo

Hello --

We've spent a lot of time over the last couple months making a
graphical MOO, and it's finally to the point where it can be beta
tested.  Some parts of it are incredibly smooth, and will be unlike
any other MOO you have tried.  Some parts are so clunky you will wish
you had never tried them.  

It's an unaltered LambdaMOO, being served by a slightly customized
Apache server and some custom CGI scripts.  It's designed primarily
for people with good net connectivity, but should be usable (without
undue pain) on 9.6 or better modem.

You connect to this MOO (HereMOO) with an HTML browser.  We've really
only tested it with Netscape, but it should work with a most other
current browsers.  The address is  Follow the
instructions you'll find there.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The MOO is fully graphical.  Anything you can do on the web you can do
in the MOO.  Objects are described with HTML and images, as well as
text. There is no separate telnet session.  All interaction is done by
forms, imagemaps, and links.  Or you can ignore that and use the
command line.  And almost all standard MOO stuff will work too.

The instructions imply that you have to already be a Tripod member
before you test the MOO.  We'd love it if you'd sign up (free
forever), but you're welcome to preview first.  If you do choose to
sign up, be sure to use the same username and password you used for
the MOO.  You do have to create a character using the signup form on so that you are put in the access file.

Have a look.  We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions -- this
is a project we are planning to put a lot more time into, and we are
open to new directions to expand in.  In a few weeks we'll be opening
it up to programmers.  And believe it or not, when we're less tired
our prose isn't quite this dry and we don't sound nearly as boring.

Hope to see some of you around...  
(oh, and stay away from the back button while in the MOO)


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