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verb protection

I was thinking today during a boring calc recitation about ways to keep
people from over-riding verbs that i didn't want them to. and i came up
with 2 possiblilities..

both involve adding props similar to the $server_options.protect_foo where
it's .protect_verbname. 

the first way would involve editing $add_verb and/or $bf_add_verb to
return E_PERM if .protect_verbname exists and is true and player !=

the second way is to have set_verb_code add a pass(@args) to the verb at
compile time, if it can't find it in the verb already..

i see pros and cons to both ways.
pros to way 1: it gets the job done and seems to be the easiest.
cons to way 1: it stops people from making _any_ additions down the line
with out wizperms..even if they plan to use pass()

pros to way 2: it allows people more freedom to add verbs as they choose
and pass(@args) is always called.
cons to way 2: it'll be a bit tick heavy to search for any pass()'s in the
verb and it kinda produces random results if programmers forget that
pass() is added.

anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
i think this has come up before, but the list has grown quiet..:)


Watch for PositronicMOO alpha 2, this weekend!


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