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Re: verb protection

--- "James R O'Kane" wrote:
> both involve adding props similar to the $server_options.protect_foo where
> it's .protect_verbname. 

Why not add a flag to each verb?

> the first way would involve editing $add_verb and/or $bf_add_verb to
> return E_PERM if .protect_verbname exists and is true and player !=
> wizard.
> the second way is to have set_verb_code add a pass(@args) to the verb at
> compile time, if it can't find it in the verb already..

Why can't you say "if (0) pass(@args); endif" to get around the restriction? 
You'd have to do sooo much work to determine whether it was just a "minor"
change or whether it was really an attempt to bypass security.



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