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Re: verb protection

At 7:14 -0500 10/3/96, James R O'Kane wrote:
>On 3 Oct 1996, Jefferson M. Dubrule wrote:
>> --- "James R O'Kane" wrote:
>> > both involve adding props similar to the $server_options.protect_foo where
>> > it's .protect_verbname.
>> Why not add a flag to each verb?
>this an in-db way of doing it for those who don't want to hack the kernel.

I've done it in-db, no server hacks. Require 1.8.0x though (for a clean

Check $blocked_verbs at Tecfa <> or
$blocked_methods at E_MOO < 4243>
The code might be accessible through some object/code browsers... I'm not
sure... I guess I should put the code and documentation on a web page...

But if you just want wizard to make all verbs with the same name on all
objects non-overridable, you might want to implement something with a
global property (like $protected_verbs_name) I would suggest you being very
cautious about the wildcards tho.

Good luck.

-- Richard


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