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Collegetown on new server

                       COLLEGETOWN HAS A NEW HOME

CollegeTown has been ported this weekened to an UltraSparc Server with 256
meg Ram.  Our new address is 7777
          Our new homepage is: 

  "COLLEGETOWN is a text based virtual Academic Community.   Its purpose is to
serve as a platform for the scholarly pursuits of students and faculty from
around the world. COLLEGETOWN is a place for folks to meet, hold classes and
seminars, do research, carry out class projects, and exchange ideas.
Folks who share our academic vision are most welcome to apply for membership in
our community!  The COLLEGETOWN server is located on the campus of
Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa."

For more information on CollegeTown check out the article in the Feb.9
issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education at:
-Ken Schweller

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