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Re: Archwiz question

Hi folks --

As a further solution to the Archwizard question, here is a solution I and
others implemented on a private MOO several years ago.  We created a
"senior programmer" class (child of $prog) with a wizard-owned verb that
was a variant on $wiz:@chown.  This new @chown would allow a senior
programmer to @chown any object, property or verb from any non-wizard
character to any non-wizard character.  This way a senior programmer could
(for instance) help out newbies with coding problems by @chowning the verb
in question to themselves, fixing bugs or adding comments, and @chowning
it back to the original owner.  They could also @chown annoying objects to
themselves, to be locked away somewhere, etc.  And of course, if the
Archwizard wished to make something not accessible to a senior programmer,
s/he simply made it wizard-owned.

Most of the code for this @chown variant came from $wiz:@chown itself. 
The modifications involved removing the initial player.wizard check and
inserting various checks for !object.owner.wizard,
!(property_info(obj,prop)[1].wizard) and !(verb_info(obj,verb)[1].wizard).
Unfortunately, I don't have access to the MOO or the code anymore. 


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