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Q: Adding another wizard class.

I am a new moo admin, and normally wouldn't post a question to this list, 
but when I posted it to the moo-calves list, they recommended I present it 
before you.  First, some background:

The moo My co-admin and I were on before (as wizards) had a constant war 
going on.  There were a few wizards who thought it fun to harass others, 
wizards as well as players.  As wizards, he and I were plenty able to 
defend ourselves from this, but we also had to protect the players from 
being @toaded, or locked in a room, etc, for no reason.  Now, the obvious 
solution in our moo is to just not wiz anyone who might have that kind of 
attitude, and if a wiz develops one, to demote him.  But, what we'd _like_ 
to do is make another level of wizards called archwizards who have 
exclusive access to verbs like @toad and @newt and the black/red-list 
verbs.  Basically, we want to have the wizards able to code universal verbs 
for the players, and be able to help them with their problems, but not give 
them unlimited access to the system.
I've started by creating a new object called Generic Archwizard with a 
parent of   Generic Wizard.  Then, I created a property called .arch on 
Generic Wizard and set it to false.  Then, I moved all the verbs like 
@toad/etc to the Generic ArchWizard object.  So far so good.  The trouble 
is, that wizards have unlimited access.  So, all they have to do is change 
their .arch property to true and @chparent to #97.  Or, they could edit the 
verbs or  copy them to themselves or any one of a hundred other things.

Now to the real question:
How do I create a new class with the same kind of differences in 
permissions as there is between programmers and wizards.  I.e. I don't want 
wizards to be able to touch an archwizard's stuff.   If the answer is 
already out there, a pointer to it would be greatly appreciated.  I have 
looked through just about anything I could get my hands on, but so far I 
have been unsuccessful in finding a solution to this problem.



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