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Re: Q: Adding another wizard class.

"Mark A. Bainter" <> writes:
>How do I create a new class with the same kind of differences in 
>permissions as there is between programmers and wizards.  I.e. I don't want 
>wizards to be able to touch an archwizard's stuff.

It really can't be done.  You can't make anything more powerful
than a wizard... a wizard-owned verb can change any variable,
shut down the database, turn player and wizard flags on and off...

On Id ( we have a rather nifty variable
permissioning system so that we can enable some verbs or groups
of verbs for some players in some areas of the MOO.  This lets
you create subwizards with limited powers -- we call 'em monarchs.
Perhaps that's more what you want -- a few real wizards and a lot
of monarch...


Tom Ritchford              

    Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.


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