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RE: Q: Adding another wizard class.

The moo My co-admin and I were on before (as wizards) had a constant war
going on.  There were a few wizards who thought it fun to harass others,
wizards as well as players.  As wizards, he and I were plenty able to

Stop.  Go no further.  There are no programmatic solutions.  @toad and 
@redlist the offenders, and go over every single object in the MOO with a 
fine-tooth comb to check for backdoors.  If these wizards had site access, 
change the password and check for .rhosts files.  If you had root, 
re-install.  Now only give wizbits to people you personally trust.

There is no reason such behavior from the wizard staff should be tolerated. 
 Your problem is more of a managerial problem than a technical one.

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