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Re: A new editor for MOO.

At 07:55 pm 16/10/96 PDT, you wrote:
>I have another idea:
>  Maybe a good way for editing verbs would be to do a special telnet-client.
>A lot are specialised for muds, but I don't see a lot made specificly for
>MOOs.  You would have a button "edit" for example in the taskbar.  You press
>it, then a little box appear, you write down the object ID and the verb
>name, then it download all the verb source-code on your computer.  Then you
>work on your verb as you wants, like the way I am writing this letter, in a
>kind of special editor windows separate from the main MOO-window, and when
>you are satisfied with your job you click on a 'Compile' button, that will
>send the lines back on the MOO and compiles them.  You could do this as well

Guess what?  I've already written a client that does exactly that (this
isn't an advertisment, I just thought people might be interested).  Download
Drover at

It lets you edit both verbs and properties, but not mail unfortunatly
(didn't think of that).  It also includes an 'object builder' so you can
just type in the name, aliases and description and it will do all the tricky
(boring) stuff for you.

At the moment Drover is only available on Windows platforms, but I'm
thinking of writing a Java version.

>for the Mail editor, the Note editor ect...  Then you won't need to change
>of room or anything while editing, you just edit and chat in 2 differents

Well, it won't let you do that unfortunatly.  Maybe for the next version.

>The Main idea is to do the more things you can on your own computer, wich
>have greaters capabilities than the MOO and is a lot faster, and do the
>basic things (as compile, get the text ect..) on the MOO.
>...maybe a MOO-client like that already exits but I don't think so:/

As far as I know Drover is the only one, which is partly why I wrote it.

>  I have a lot of others ideas for a new MOO-client, I just don't have

I'd love to hear them - I'm just about to start work on Drover 3, which will
be a LOT better.

Happy MOOing,

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