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Re: A new editor for MOO.

Hi!, I'm new to this list but it make a while that I'm MOOing,

  It's a great idea to re-create the editors:)  Please tell more about it,
what will be the enhancements ect... I would like to know, send more details:)

I have another idea:
  Maybe a good way for editing verbs would be to do a special telnet-client.
A lot are specialised for muds, but I don't see a lot made specificly for
MOOs.  You would have a button "edit" for example in the taskbar.  You press
it, then a little box appear, you write down the object ID and the verb
name, then it download all the verb source-code on your computer.  Then you
work on your verb as you wants, like the way I am writing this letter, in a
kind of special editor windows separate from the main MOO-window, and when
you are satisfied with your job you click on a 'Compile' button, that will
send the lines back on the MOO and compiles them.  You could do this as well
for the Mail editor, the Note editor ect...  Then you won't need to change
of room or anything while editing, you just edit and chat in 2 differents
windows.  It will be easier and faster to change the lines, and you always
see all the text without writing 'print' or something else.  You won't need
to delete and re-write whole lines, just select the texte you wanna cut,
press the backspace, modify what you want to ect... you could copy text
easily and use a 'Find text' or 'Replace text' function like in the Windows
Notepad.  In fact, it will almost be like the Notepad.  I think it would
make the life a lot more easier to program/send mail ect... and for the ones
who won't have this client, they could still use the old way:)

The Main idea is to do the more things you can on your own computer, wich
have greaters capabilities than the MOO and is a lot faster, and do the
basic things (as compile, get the text ect..) on the MOO.
...maybe a MOO-client like that already exits but I don't think so:/

  I have a lot of others ideas for a new MOO-client, I just don't have
enough knowledge to create it, I am very good in MOO-programmation, but I
still don't know a lot about how to program in others languages, interact
with the internet and all the other stuff.  I learn fast though, so maybe
one day... :)

  Okay, see you all later:)
        Alexandre Borgia, alias Kain

                  _  /
           /| |  |_\/  /| |\| |\ |\ |_
          /-| |_ |_/\ /-| | | |/ |\ |_
                   ~~~ B O R G I A ~~~
If I hAd A bRaIn I wOuLd UsE iT fOr My OwN bEnEfItS.


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