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Re: A new editor for MOO.

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Alexandre Borgia wrote:

> I have another idea:
>   Maybe a good way for editing verbs would be to do a special telnet-client.
> A lot are specialised for muds, but I don't see a lot made specificly for
> MOOs.  You would have a button "edit" for example in the taskbar.  You press
> it, then a little box appear, you write down the object ID and the verb
> name, then it download all the verb source-code on your computer.  Then you

[rest cut away]

This is already possible in lots of clients. I use TinyFugue myself, with
some macros a friend of mine wrote, which opens an Xterm with the verb code
in it. After editing the verb it sends TF the SIGUSR, and tf loads in the
verb and @progs it. I hear there are also Emacs macros for this kind of
thing, and several Windows clients (though i doubt they are as versatile as
TF :-) (BTW, there are lots of 'specialized telnet clients' though not all
of them support local editing (which requires a quote function and a trigger
function, and the ability to make macros) -- they are generally called 'MUD
clients' :-) 



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