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Re: A new editor for MOO.

On 17 Oct 96 at 4:13, Tone wrote:
> tkMOO appears to support local editing and allows you to wander around 
> and edit at the same time.
> Its apparently available for UNIX, Windows and Mac.
> Check out
> I give it a 7/10 on the groovyness scale :)
> -------
> Anthony Neilson (aka Tone\Assassin)

Sorry, how do you make LambdaCore local editing (@edit-options 
+local, not cut&paste) work with tkMOO? I wasn' t able to figure it 
out & would love to know what I overlooked... especially since this 
appears to be in tkMOO's TODO list...

Thanks in advance.
                Luigi Fabio

Luigi Fabio                            | I think God, in creating man,
-----------                            |   somewhat overestimated his ability.                         |            - Oscar Wilde         

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