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Re: A new editor for MOO.

Hmmm..... I want to go on record as saying, that I am not in favor of a
moo client, that just does MOO stuff, like editing.... On the other hand
a plug-in to Netscape that allows you to run a telnet in a separate frame
or window, is not in my opinion a bad idea, even if the design of the two
programs is incompatible at some level. It seems to me, that a Telnet
session could be run on one socket, and a netscape application on a number
of others, resulting in completely different applications running in a
simultaneous manner. But then, I don't know what is going on INSIDE
netscape. :)


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On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Alexandre Borgia wrote:

> Hi!, I'm new to this list but it make a while that I'm MOOing,
>   It's a great idea to re-create the editors:)  Please tell more about it,
> what will be the enhancements ect... I would like to know, send more details:)
> I have another idea:
>   Maybe a good way for editing verbs would be to do a special telnet-client.
> A lot are specialised for muds, but I don't see a lot made specificly for
> MOOs.  You would have a button "edit" for example in the taskbar.  You press
> it, then a little box appear, you write down the object ID and the verb
> name, then it download all the verb source-code on your computer.  Then you
> work on your verb as you wants, like the way I am writing this letter, in a
> kind of special editor windows separate from the main MOO-window, and when
> you are satisfied with your job you click on a 'Compile' button, that will
> send the lines back on the MOO and compiles them.  You could do this as well
> for the Mail editor, the Note editor ect...  Then you won't need to change
> of room or anything while editing, you just edit and chat in 2 differents
> windows.  It will be easier and faster to change the lines, and you always
> see all the text without writing 'print' or something else.  You won't need
> to delete and re-write whole lines, just select the texte you wanna cut,
> press the backspace, modify what you want to ect... you could copy text
> easily and use a 'Find text' or 'Replace text' function like in the Windows
> Notepad.  In fact, it will almost be like the Notepad.  I think it would
> make the life a lot more easier to program/send mail ect... and for the ones
> who won't have this client, they could still use the old way:)
> The Main idea is to do the more things you can on your own computer, wich
> have greaters capabilities than the MOO and is a lot faster, and do the
> basic things (as compile, get the text ect..) on the MOO.
> ...maybe a MOO-client like that already exits but I don't think so:/
>   I have a lot of others ideas for a new MOO-client, I just don't have
> enough knowledge to create it, I am very good in MOO-programmation, but I
> still don't know a lot about how to program in others languages, interact
> with the internet and all the other stuff.  I learn fast though, so maybe
> one day... :)
>   Okay, see you all later:)
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