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Re: Threatening of Gothic MOO

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Christopher Scott Delaney wrote:

> I for one think it is an excellent practice to disseminate such 
> information.

Explain to the list why the player is causing a problem and why they are 
being thrown out, tell us their email and site, etc. There is no need to 
show us a log full of nothing but insults that only demonstrate a lack 
of maturity on the part of the player, as well as the ArchWiz in question.

> And, you have to allow for a little bit of banter 
> accompanying the post

I mentioned the term "banter" while referring to the gossip on Diku MUDs, 
not the MOO-Cows list. Read more carefully before you post.

> .. for pete's sake, if you've ever had your MOO 
> crashed or hacked by some idiot, you are going to throw a little steam 
> into your talking about it.

Steam has nothing to do with the filthy language of morons.

> I also think it's kind of humorous to have someone by the name of 
> 'Ferretously Funky One' lecture people on maturity ;)

My sense of humor and love of mustelid pets displays a lack of maturity 
and posting a logfile full of grammar-school name-calling is not?

Maybe I'm just not a "MOO person" because I don't get it.

-Melissa A. Durfee,
The Funky Wonder Ferret

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