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Re: Threatening of Gothic MOO

At 07:47 PM 10/28/96 PST, The Ferretously Funky One wrote:
>Explain to the list why the player is causing a problem and why they are 
>being thrown out, tell us their email and site, etc. There is no need to 
>show us a log full of nothing but insults that only demonstrate a lack 
>of maturity on the part of the player, as well as the ArchWiz in question.

If you have such a problem with the logs, don't read them.  I find them
quite entertaining and slightly informative.  It makes me wonder how mature
these people are...

>Steam has nothing to do with the filthy language of morons.

Morons?  Filthy language?  Need I say more?

>My sense of humor and love of mustelid pets displays a lack of maturity 
>and posting a logfile full of grammar-school name-calling is not?

There you have a point.

>Maybe I'm just not a "MOO person" because I don't get it.

Having my MOO hacked in for days and days by a drunk ex-wizard who's name I
won't mention actually did get me quite on edge.  I did some impulsive
things, but managed to keep my hands off of the security hole at his MOO; I
did not want to become the NetBlazer I was fighting.  (Oops, did I just
mention his name?)  Now, if sending an informative or complaint (at most)
message to moo-cows is the worst the archwiz did, I think we should have the
decency to not complain.  I realize the sender's writing and conflict
resolution skills were not great, but he/she did almost exactly what I would
have done.  Looked to a higher authority for help...  That is what we are
here for, are we not?

- Kipp
I'm sick of writing signatures.


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