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Composition area - telnet

Thanks to John at Biomoo and all the others that have made suggestions to my
query about a composition area.  

John described the very problem that I am faced with.  I agree that a client
would solve the problems associated with using telnet to get into our moo.
The problem is that our educational moo serves several schools in a large
area of West Texas.  Local phone service and computing services in these
communities are such that we have not been able to establish the type of TCP
connections that would allow teachers to use a client.  At present the best
we have is for teachers to dial into a local server and use the limited
telnet client on the server to attach to the moo.  

The best case would be to upgrade the local server to support a wider array
of protocols such as slip or ppp.  Next thought would be to have teachers
dial directly in to my servers.  In both cases, the cost is prohibitive,
thus my question about a composition area that was a part of the moo code.
I would like to improve the interface for teachers who only have access to
telnet.  Biomoo's SMOC code looks like it may work well for this purpose.

Any thoughts, suggestions and/or discussion would be appreciated.

Chuck Mize					Texas Tech University
Computer Center Supervisor			College of Education 
Ph:   (806) 742-1998				MS-1071
FAX   (806) 742-1729				Lubbock, Texas  79409
Pager (806) 742-9908


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