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Re: Composition area - telnet

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Chuck Mize wrote:

> The best case would be to upgrade the local server to support a wider array
> of protocols such as slip or ppp.  Next thought would be to have teachers
> dial directly in to my servers.  In both cases, the cost is prohibitive,
> thus my question about a composition area that was a part of the moo code.
> I would like to improve the interface for teachers who only have access to
> telnet.  Biomoo's SMOC code looks like it may work well for this purpose.
> Any thoughts, suggestions and/or discussion would be appreciated.

I'm guessing that the local server is a UNIX box?  Rather than have people
use a bare-bones telnet client from that box, you can compile the
TinyFugue client and they can use that.

It's one option, anyway...

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