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Re: Web for MOO?

> At 01:49 PM 10/31/95 PST, you wrote:
> >However, it implements its own hack of a protocol for using html and other
> >items, rather than using any number of pleothora of protocols available
> >(such as MCP).
> >Frankly, I think chaco/pueblo would get further if they would not require
> >you to do netscap-isms like 'Enhanced for Pueblo/1.3' in the motd.
> Yeah, that opening "#$#mcp version: 1.0" handshake for MCP is much less
>  intrusive.

Firstly, the #$#mcp ... only happens if you've already determined that
your client is able to handle mcp using client options.  MOO remembers
your client's state and responds to you the next time you connect
assuming that things haven't changed.

Jupiter (I believe) doesn't work on this principal, preferring the
client to tell the server what it's capable of handling each time it
effects a connection.

If you grep through JHCore you'll find a #$#client-options (or some
similar foo) which is sitting there waiting for the client to be first
to say what sorts of transactions it'd like to handle.

At present I dunno if any tk* clients use this particular hook.  Mine
doesn't but I'm majorly clueless these days so that might explain it.

> At least Pueblo actually *wrote* a featureful multimedia client for major
>  home platforms rather than yammering at people to "get Linux" so they can
>  run the client for their "perfect protocol".

I understand that tk/tcl will be 'out' for PC/MAc platforms shortly,
this has pretty major implications for people 'playing' with tk*
clients.  Suddenly the potential userbase is enourmous, people make
vast fortunes, castled empires rise and fall on the distant deserts of
the 2nd moon, er, wait...

Pueblo really is quite nice.  I wish my toy could do those things.  I
mean, it can speak, but that's not much is it.  bwAHAHAHAH...

> -Quinn
> -



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