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Re Web for MOO?

< Firstly, the #$#mcp ... only happens if you've already determined that
< your client is able to handle mcp using client options.  MOO remembers
< your client's state and responds to you the next time you connect
< assuming that things haven't changed.

My main gripe with the pueblo vs mcp way is that mcp is generic, and is
not specific to any platform, where pueblo is NOT.  Should everybody who
makes a special client follow the pueblo way, servers would soon have
headings of:

Enhanced for Pueblo/x.x
Enhanced for Hisclient/x.x
Enhanced for Foobar/x.x
Specially enhanced for Thatclient/x.x
Groovin with Jiveclient/x.x

Which is basically, the WRONG way to do protocol negotiation, and I for one
would never do that to a server I write--I'd tell the client people to do
it the right way.

< > At least Pueblo actually *wrote* a featureful multimedia client for major
< >  home platforms rather than yammering at people to "get Linux" so they can
< >  run the client for their "perfect protocol".
< I understand that tk/tcl will be 'out' for PC/MAc platforms shortly,
< this has pretty major implications for people 'playing' with tk*
< clients.  Suddenly the potential userbase is enourmous, people make
< vast fortunes, castled empires rise and fall on the distant deserts of
< the 2nd moon, er, wait...

python, which 'junc' is developed in (junc is the coldx project's client,
build along the same lines as tkmoo but using tk/python instead), is already
available on the mac and PC (this is another reason python was chosen over

JUNC also handles html (already).

-Brandon Gillespie

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