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Re[2]: chat room

>The stability of the MOO should not be affected, altho 1000s of users
>might preset a problem with the load of the machine it works on, and the
>lag inside the MOO. LagdaMOO for example, lags with a mere 150+ users.
Lagda also has objects to go *with* those players, and task, and you
get the point. Simply having a bunch of players on would not cause as
much lag.

>Also keep in mind the MOO is a single process, if you plan to do a lot of
>'heavy' tasks inside the MOO, you will lag even more -- you cannot devide
>the process over several CPUs, it will use only one. Also make sure the
>machine you run it on has enough memory, and set the max connections up a
>shitload, the standard is 64, which limits your userscount to 56 i think.
>You have to change this inside the MOO too.
Having a speker talk to the masses shouldn't cause a whole lot of
"heavy tasks"

>Lastly, you will probably have to edit the say, emote and tell_contents
>(if you will use the LambdaCore) of the MOO, because you will most likely
>get a "Task ran out of ticks" error when using them in a room with 1000+
>players, not to mention the InCrEdiBle SPaM it would create :-P
Seperate rooms would solve that, but I already mentioned that.

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