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MOO Web Core (finally) available

			     MOO Web Core

This is to announce that the MOO Web Core, a spin-off of the AstroVR project
is now available for licensing.  The MOO Web Core is intended to be an
industrial-strength http interface for MOO, implementing the GET and POST
protocols.  It is currently used to provide delivery of image data to our
users, and has been running stably for almost two years.

Details of the license agreement are spelled out in the license itself, which
you can obtain by request via email from me (  In short
it is a no-cost license that allows you or your organization to add the MOO 
Web Core to your MOO.

Only a domestic license is available.  Foreign licenses must be issued through
the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration.
Please inquire at the same email for a foreign license, but be aware that 
obtaining an export permit can take a long time and I may not have the
resources to shepherd such a request through the system.

The MOO Web Core is being made publicly available via the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory's Technology Utilization Program, which is intended to bring
new technologies more rapidly into use for both commercial and nonprofit

	Dave Van Buren

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