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Re: Minimal.DB

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Robert J. Brown wrote:

> Well, what I was trying to get at was a db that would let humans (or
> BOTs!) develop the virtual world without having to manually edit the
> database off-line, and without having to write external programs or
> functions/subroutines.  The idea was that the virtual world could be
> developed from inside the MOO itself alone.

That is the definition of Minimal.db  :^)

Except for your BOT's of course.  However, I have occasionally seen that
there is a T_PascalBOT around here somewhere, an older programmer-robot
with a malfunctioning spell-checker.  Originally, most T_PascalBOTS were
shipped with deliberately corrupted dictionaries, to give the user a sense
of superiority.  If you could somehow capture his electrons, and install
him into your client program, you will probably manage to get a semi lame
version online. 

I have heard rumors of a PavelBOT, but the descriptions of this model seem
a bit farfetched, so I'm discounting it as a bit of wishful thinking. 
Apparently, this BOT was supposed to be capable of actually creating a VR
from a zero byte Minimal.db.  Quite obviously an exaggeration. 

Please ignore the yduJBOT, which was accidentally reassembled the wrong
way round after it inadvertently touched a radio designed by the beta
release FordBOT.  Apparently it was zapped by a number of E_PERM's when
this happened, and it promptly fell apart, destroyed the radio, and caused
a 4 hour blackout in Palo Alto.  Ever since, the municipal authorities
have been prone to disconnecting Xerox's mains supply just in case. 

Apparently, it was the ghondBOT that reassembled the pieces,
unfortunately, as I said, the wrong way around.  Obviously, it would be 
wise to steer clear of this malfunctioning assembler as well.  Letting 
the ghondBOT loose inside your VR could have serious repercussions.  The 
mind boggles at what damage a reversed Minimal.db could do.



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