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Re: chat room

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Jeanne Davis wrote:

> Hi, have been lurking on the list for awhile and have yet to see this
> question answered.  How many people can be present in a room in a moo based
> on the LambdaCore at once?  My boss wants the moo I am working on to have
> an arena (read AOL) style chat room, which can accomodate 1000s of users.
> Could they all be logged into the same room at the same time without
> compromising the stability of the moo?

The stability of the MOO should not be affected, altho 1000s of users 
might preset a problem with the load of the machine it works on, and the 
lag inside the MOO. LagdaMOO for example, lags with a mere 150+ users. 

Also keep in mind the MOO is a single process, if you plan to do a lot of 
'heavy' tasks inside the MOO, you will lag even more -- you cannot devide 
the process over several CPUs, it will use only one. Also make sure the 
machine you run it on has enough memory, and set the max connections up a 
shitload, the standard is 64, which limits your userscount to 56 i think. 
You have to change this inside the MOO too.

Lastly, you will probably have to edit the say, emote and tell_contents 
(if you will use the LambdaCore) of the MOO, because you will most likely 
get a "Task ran out of ticks" error when using them in a room with 1000+ 
players, not to mention the InCrEdiBle SPaM it would create :-P

If you only want a chat room, I would seriously advise something else 
different thn a MOO. There are MUSHs, MUCKs, MUSEs, MUDs etc, out there, 
which do just about the same if you only want to chat, and are less 
systemintensive (in particular concerning memory). Heck, you can just as 
easily set up an private IRC channel like thing, which would have nothing 
but chat, and would be much, much less demanding. It really depends on 
what you want to do :-)


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