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Re: chat room

>However, it's unclear why one would want to have hundreds or
>even thousands of people in a single MOO room!  I have been in
>MOO rooms with 30 people and it's impossible to keep track of
>what's going on.  I assume that the AOL chat rooms have some
>way to gag or mute other players?
>Perhaps if you gave us a little more information about what
>this arena is supposed to do...?
>    /t

Yes, it is hard to keep track of what's going on with too many people in a
room, so AOL has rows in their chat rooms so that the participants can only
talk to the people in their rows.  That way they don't hear all the chatter
from players in other rows.  They can also submit questions to the speaker,
who in our case would be a visiting guest musician, and can hear everything
the speaker says.

as F HAGER X0366 <LIFH@ATUVM.ATU.EDU> wrote to me re this question:
>To be frank, if you can get a MOO to support 1000s of people at once..
>then I'm sure getting them all in one room won't be a large problem,
>though it might be a good idea to put people in seperate rooms like
>AOL rows.. and have a stage that announces to all of them.. just in

So it sounds like if our equipment could handle it, we could have x number
of users in the moo or in a single room.

If the rooms were set up so that people in room A could only hear chatter
in their room plus the speaker, and people in room B could only hear
chatter in their room plus the speaker, and I limited the number of people
who could enter room A and room B, then it sounds like the problem I would
need to surmount is how to get the speaker's character to hear what is said
to him from room A and room B and have his responses be broadcast to each

Basically we want to do away with the irc style chats we usually have when
a visiting musician comes to our offices.


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