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Re: chat room / virtual lectures

>> Hi, have been lurking on the list for awhile and have yet to see this
>> question answered.  How many people can be present in a room in a moo based
>> on the LambdaCore at once?  My boss wants the moo I am working on to have
>> an arena (read AOL) style chat room, which can accomodate 1000s of users.
>> Could they all be logged into the same room at the same time without
>> compromising the stability of the moo?

Strange - as I asked a very similar question about a month ago I got almost
no replies - and none that really pointed at the problems.

Anyway. We are preparing a virtual conference and our goal is a bit more
moderate. We want to hold normal MOO meetings but there will be two events
called 'virtual keynote lectures'. In these events we expect to have 200+
attendants in one room - but only one or two speakers. This certainly makes
it a bit easier.

I know that this doesnt help in this question but here is the solution I
plan to implement for this:

As keynote lectures are mainly a text that is prepared beforehand I split
the lecture into 3-5 parts of about 10 minutes. These parts are in
subsequent rooms in a hallway. In each room there is no lecturer but
instead a 'presentation object' that holds the talk automatically - its
like a automated slide projector. As we have not only text but also Web
pages that are displayed along with the text (using a mcp client) this
makes even more sense.

After you have finished the presentations you reach a room weher the
speakers are present to answer questions. This room will be a conference
room with some moderation protocol (like the ones in MediaMOO). This setup
should distribute the load to several rooms and people are not forced to be
on time for the lectures. They actually could have a look at the lectures
hours earlier if they like.


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