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Re: chat room

>MOO is VR.
Zen is VR.  VR is VR!  RV is VR!  My mom is VR.  Wired is sucky.

>It emulates, to an approximation, what would happen in RL.
ZenMOO emulates, to an exact approximation, what would happen in RL.
VR indicates, to an appropriation, what would happen in an Winnebago (RV).
My mom delineates, to an exaggeration, what would happen if Wired were a real

>Its approximation of what would happen with 2000 people speaking at
>once in one room is really quite close to what would happen in RL.
The tower of Babel, which, heretofore, unambiguously stated, (and rather
pleasing, don't you think, with all it's apositives and parethetical statments
[within parenthetical statements, like this one]) is not to be understood.

>That is, unintelligibility.
Ah, hmmm.  Yes.  That is what you were saying.

>Imagine yourself in a nice large theater
>discussing a play you just saw with literally everyone in the audience
>speaking at the same time.
Ok.  I'm reading MOO-cows...  Now what?

>Ever watch an electronic town meeting (or a real one)?  You get a lot of
>people together.  How many get to speak?  How long would the meeting take
>if they all spoke?  VR or RL, it's pretty much the same...
That's because VR is "virtually" RL.  So, it's all pretty much the same...

>I concur with the sorts of things that others have already posted,
>ESPECIALLY about the O(N^2) problem.
Oh, yes, ESPECIALLY the O(N^2) problem.  Boy, what a problem.  I hate that
problem.  I get that ALL the time!  My math teacher always asks me that one
in front of THE WHOLE class, and I get embarrased.

>Why not take advantage of the one structural element that MOO offers which
>naturally fights lag: locality of reference.  Make it easy for people to 
>speak locally and hard to speak globally: scatter people into different rooms.
Why not the "love the earth" environ-mental approach?  Think locally, act
globally?  Or is it the other way around?  Forget it then.  Save energy:
kill yourself.

>If you must have large groups, an auditorium-style thing could be
>constructed with only O(N) badness, as the speaker speaks to N people
One day, there were N=3 little piggies.  N=1 of the piggies built a program
of O(c) where c is a constant.  N=1 of the other piggies wrote a program with
O(N) bad-wolf-ness.  The last piggie killed his brethren and ate pig
knuckles and collard greens (he was a black piggie).
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