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On Sun, 5 Nov 1995, Jacqueline Hamilton wrote:

> Has anyone ever bootstrapped the Minimal db into something respectable?

Yes, I have written a MUD.  The major variations are security
considerations, which don't really exist in the MUD environment, because
there are no 'programmers' as such.  In a MUD, a programmer is, in
reality, a Wizard.  A Wizard being someone capable of performing VR feats 
beyond the reach of mortals :^)

As far as VR goes, it's much more realistic than the standard 'chat' MOO 
is, simply because everyone behaves 'in character', simply because the 
code only allows IC behaviour.  The emote command is specifically flagged 
to ensure that it doesn't disturb this.

It's major features are combat role playing, VT-100/ANSI color, and a few 
other things like that.

I'll notify the list when I open it up.

Another quiet listener on the list who has done the same sort of thing is
C.S Mo <>. 

I think Kipp has done the same sort of thing, but I think he started with 
LambdaCore, and then reduced it into a Semi-Minimal.db and then built up 
from there.  The ever verbose C. Regis Wilson has done likewise.

Pavel obviously started with the Minimal.db in the pre-historic past :^)



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On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Joost Flint wrote:

> hoi mieg en erwin ea
> even om niet te vergeten: onder het eten hadden we het over de optie om een aantal links te maken die verwijzen naar sites in frankrijk (louvre etc). mensen die daar op klikken krijgen een anti-atoombom tussenpagina met de vraag 'weet je zeker dat je naar frankrijk wilt? en de optie 'ga naar de greenpeace site' en 'terug naar dds'. lijkt me leuk als we dit de komende week echt gaan MAKEN. sorry caps lock aan. Marjolijn heb je nog een leuke bom in je archief?
> (anders ik wel:-)

Ja dat was te verwachten met dat verleden van jou ;-)

> dag
> joost

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