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Re: MOOlynx (e.g.)

EON MOO has a Web slate that is the child of the Gopher slate.  It has been
ported to a number of different moos, particularly those in the GNA net.

Isabel Danforth 
>On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Seth I. Rich wrote:
>> I was sitting down to hack together a project and then I realized that
>> someone may have done it already, a la $gopher.
>> Has anyone yet written an in-DB WWW browser?  I'm interested in seeing
>> this, if it's been done already (and perhaps obtaining permission to
>> port and hack).
>Well, Ive had this idea as well, though I've never seen anyone try it 
>out. I started one a while ago, but it wasnt close to done and I got 
>stuck so I scratched the idea. It was only a thing to translate html into 
>a normal looking page though. The whole thing was written in MOO and had 
>a lot of flaws. Anyways, If anyone has done this please post up here and 
>let me know.
>Thanks, Mike duHeaume
>        Anubis@Butterfly.MOO

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