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Regexp in 1.7.9 (Was Re: core?)

> Yeah, I want a new core too.  I also want to run 1.7.9, and don't
> think there's much point in making a core without running 1.7.9
> (especially with the new value_bytes() primitive!)  I haven't heard
> anything bad about the latest 1.7.9 regexp implementation; shall we
> turn it loose on lambdamoo?  (Eeeee!)

I thought I posted this a few days ago, but I never saw it appear; my
apologies if I'm just repeating something you've already seen:

1.7.9p1 is definitely not stable; I managed to core-dump without even a
good-bye message to the server log, and I'm almost certain the crash
was caused by a regexp bug.  I've since upgraded to 1.7.9p2 and am having
no problems (the same regexp that crashed 1.7.9p1 works fine with p2)...
so far.



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