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Re: How to fix #2 as all powerfull :) and other kiddies stories :)

> What I need here is a way to make #2 non-bootable and non-newtable ect.. 
> there is no way to kick him off cept to edit the DB or shut the moo down..
> anyone know of such a way..

I had this idea in my head, inspired from MUSH's `god_priv' compile 
option.  Make a flag, $server_options.god_priv (or whatever), that when 
set has the following effects:
  #2 is now God, not a normal wizard.  Normal wizard verbs do not have 
permission to affect God or his verbs or properties.  boot_player etc do 
not affect God unless running with his permissions.  set_task_perms 
cannot be used to set God's perms unless the verb is already God-owned.  
All wizardly verbs in the core would be @chown'ed to God so they could 
affect God as well as wizards and other players.
  There are a few permissions checks that would need to be changed to 
support this, but nothing major I think.  If it's important to you, give 
me a few days to poke around, unless someone else out there wants to do 
it? :)


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