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Strange Anomalies (continued)

Hello again all...

Thanks for the help I received concerning my strange problem...

All the files are moved from my account to the account parky,
and then I try ./restart park (or ./restart park 8888)... and I get...


A blank line, no PID or anything.

moo park.db 8888
gets the MOO up and running, but the output is of
course sent to my terminal, instead of the process
being backgrounded...

So what's wrong with the restart script, or am I missing
something totally simple here?

In the normal account, just ./restart park
get's the MOO up and running again after a crash or shutdown.

Once I sort this problem out, I can look at my problems
with compiling MOO 1.7.9p2!

Oh, and comparing the setenv variables from both accounts
doesn't suggest anything immediately out of the ordinary, either.

Sorry about this, but this problem has me a bit stumped...

Peter Bates


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